Monday, June 28, 2010

New Car

I got it a new car about a month ago!! My awesome parents bought it for me as a graduation gift. :-) I definitely feel so much safer and comfortable in the new car. It's a 2001 Subaru Forester and it has a bunch of bells and whistles that I don't need but could definitely get used to - like heated seats, a sun roof, heated side mirrors and rear window, and air conditioning that works!! It also has a 6-disc cd player, but no iPod hookup, which is a given considering the mp3 player wasn't invented yet in 2001. This car is an awesome upgrade compared to my 1994 Subaru Legacy SW, which has 301,235 miles on it and is still running. It's at my mechanic for the moment, waiting to be sold to someone he knows is looking. We're getting $1200 for it and that money is going torward my new car, which my parents paid $6700 for so it'll be $5500 they dished out for it. Not bad at all!

The only drawbacks about the car is that I had to replace some things with the rear brakes - the right rear caliber, pad and roater (sp?) and the left rear brake pad. The front roaters need to be replaced sometimes this summer too, before early August anyway, because I'm taking it on a trip to Indiana with my mom to visit family and that's not going to last that long.

Thank you to my parents, you are awesome!