Saturday, July 13, 2013

Rising Star Program: HubPages

Rising Star Program: HubPages

The Future of Marriage needs the most votes to win!

Recently I started writing articles for a website called HubPages where I can earn revenue by having advertisements posted on the article pages.

I need your help in voting for one of my articles, The Future of Marriage, which has been selected among 6 candidates for this week’s Rising Star Program on HubPages.  This program features high-quality Hubs (or articles) published by new writers on HubPages Topic Pages.  The article from each topic that has the most votes, will win.  As the winner, I will receive Accolades (a special positive rating badge on my profile page) and also be featured in HubPages’ weekly newsletter, which is sent to tens of thousands of recipients, which in turn means possible more traffic to my article.

Where do you come in? All you need to do is vote by clicking on the following link, click on The Future of Marriage, then click on “vote for this hub”

Please vote as soon as possible and as often as possible!


Thursday, July 4, 2013