Sunday, September 12, 2010

Selected Poetry

God Bless America
On September 11, 2001
Who could have known?
Hundreds and even thousands of innocent lives are taken
Thoughts we think of, why has thou forsaken?
As a nation we come together
And the innocent who died are remembered forever
Americans run for life in fear
And this memory we will hold forever dear
Together we mourn and grieve
This act of terrorism, so hard to conceive
Day by day we deal with sorrow
Will we be okay tomorrow?
Someday we will find who committed such a crime
Every penny we spend adds up to be a precious dime
United We Stand and become stronger each day
Each and every morning we look to heaven and pray
We pray for those who lost their lives
And for those who’ll ignore the truth and tell such terrible lies
There are so many we must convince that as a nation United We Stand
And so they will hear a chorus of voices singing, God Bless America
©11 September 2001

Face to Face
When I feel like I am all alone
I look above me to the sky
to find that friend I cannot phone
that friend, who so long ago, had to say goodbye

I wish I could see Him face to face,
and talk to Him like a human friend
I wonder what it's like up in that heavenly place,
to spend time up there with Him, a time without end.

When I am alone with no one to talk to
and no one wants to listen or has no time
I know I can talk to Him or do what He wants me to do
Whatever I do, help the poor or comfort a friend, He approves

I wish I could talk to Him face to face
and have a one on one friendly talk
But I know it'll be years before I see that place
I wish He was in the physical form, but He's
right here next to me, so all I have to do is pray
and He'll listen just like He's face to face
Summer 2000

Forever will my love be strong for you
Through good and bad times my love is true
I mean it from the bottom of my heart
Because without you I would fall apart
Sometimes you feel like you don’t fit in
And this world doesn’t know what you hold within
But in your presence I sense something rare
You’re a bird that can fly anywhere
You shouldn’t need to worry
For when we are together you won’t be sorry

You’re not only one who feels left out
There are more lonely people out there without a doubt
I am one of them and I often feel that I don’t fit in
And the world doesn’t know what I hold within
When I am in your presence I sense you can tell I am something rare
I am like a fish and I can swim anywhere.
Summer 2000

The Wings of A Falcon
With the eyes of an owl
I will see you anywhere
With the determination of a fox
I would do anything for you
With the wings of a falcon
I will fly to you

With the speed of a jaguar
I will be with you in no time
With the agility of a leopard
I will dodge everything in my path
With the wings of a falcon
I will fly to you

With the love of a dog
I will stay loyal forever
With the beauty of an eagle
I will love you as you are
With the wings of a falcon
We will fly away together.
©4 April 2001
listen to the music
listen to the heartbeat of the pouring rain
listen to the birds chirping on a summer's day
listen to the children laughing in the background
look for the musician, for he has a song
look for the rainbow, for it has a pot of gold
look for the shining sun, for it has a story to tell
look for the girl with the misty eyes
ask her if she wants to stay and share her story,
for if you listen,
she'll be loved.
©14 November 2004

So she's broken inside
and it seems that time cannot erase the pain.
it's been said that time will heal her pain
and time will dry her tears,
but it's also been said that certain medications are not for everyone.
© 18 December 2004

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Living in a Lighthouse

If there's one thing I've always been fascinated by, it's lighthouses. Although I've never gone out of my way to collect items or photographs pertaining to lighthouses, I've always enjoyed the mystery, the history, the story behind a lighthouse. What kinds of things have these buildings witnessed in the hundreds of years they've stood watching over our waters? Oh what gorgeous sunsets and sunrises they must see and horrible storms washing destruction upon the land.

Every time I get to visit a lighthouse, which isn't very often, I revel in the mystery it holds. The untold years it's seen. I'd love to live in one, or at least see one from my house...the view would be so gorgeous! The seclusion from so much of the world would be such a nice escape. I wouldn't necessarily want to live there year round - having a vacation home in one would be so wonderful and relaxing.

The last time I definitely remember visiting one was when I was a kid visiting Massachusetts. My family and I went to the New Bedford Whaling Museum, Plymouth Rock and Plymouth Plantation, just south of Boston. I don't remember exactly where the lighthouse was, but it was definitely part of that trip and I remember being so overwhelmed with interest that it's stuck with me to this day. We were able to walk through the lighthouse and see how it worked and look out over the ocean. It was such a gorgeous view, I loved it.

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