Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Poem: America's Eyes

So many lives will end today
So many innocent people will die today
Every murdered person is one too many
When will we try to end this? Now is as good as any

As a group we can stand up against this
And give every orphaned child a kiss;
Tell her mommy is gone
Because daddy shot her with a gun

This is what is seen through America’s eyes,
One more act of violence, still people do not realize
They need to stop living in a world of their own
And make sure that Eagle Scout will have flown

The shooting at Columbine High
Has brought so many an unnecessary goodbye
Wake up America and realize
Too many people are dying before our eyes.

Originally written 1 April 2001

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Some Poetry

Some poetry I wrote in late 2000 as a freshman in high school.

Sometimes decisions seem so tough
Sometimes the best just isn’t enough
Right now my life has no meaning;
And when something good happens, I realize I’m dreaming
But when I see you, my hopes soar,
But you’re not aware you are the one I adore
My life seems to be all wishing, hoping, no reality
I just iwsh you would love me for eternity
“You would be so cute together” my friends say,
I can’t wait until that special day;
You and I always together, a team
That has always been my perfect dream
But that’s not what is happening now
How I wish you would understand me, but how?

I will find him—
the perfect guy,
the one in my dreams.
I will find true love—
the perfect feeling,
the feeling in my dreams.
Someday I will find both—
the perfect guy,
the perfect love.

There is someone for me,
And I will find love
Off in the distance
Is the perfect guy
In this world
Is my chance for happiness
Near or far
Sooner or later
I will find love
I will find the perfect guy
Off in the distance

I wish
I hope
I dream
That someday
That you and I can be together
Watching the sunset
And talking about our future
While we’re gazing at the stars
We remember our past
I wish
I hope
I dream
That someday
My dream will come true
Oh how I wish
How I hope and I dream
That you will know
How much I love you
I dream of us together
How I wish you knew
How true my love is

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Recurring Themes in Poetry, with examples

These next few poems I wrote the summer before 9th grade. This was the start of when I was going through a lot of emotional challenges like many kids do at that age. I wrote a lot about needing someone to lean on - you'll see many references to God, whether directly or indirectly.

At times of loneliness
When I feel lonely
you're there to comfort me
You're always there to listen
and you give me you're eyes to look through and see
that everything will be alright
What I see looking through your eyes
is the love that pulls me through everything
Sometimes your dedication and love take me by surprise
But I know that it is all for the better
and I should let myself love you completely
for there is no other way
because with you, I am learning to be me again
and to trust once more

Sometimes when you feel alone
and no one seems to understand
you feel you're the only one on your side, there is a friend you don't have to phone
He is an old friend to many, but to you He might be new
Just remember that so long ago He died for you and I.
He is a faithful friend
who is always there
He's willing to listen
you just gotta pray
He is someone on whom you can depend
Accept Him or not, do or dare
Need a break? He is there to talk or play
This very special friend of mine,
is the Son of God
Love Him, accept Him, talk to Him
And I want to thank you for your kind heart in accepting Him
because he accepts you for who you are
And just remember in times of need, it's Jesus you should call.

Face to Face
When I feel like I am all alone
I look above me to the sky
to find that friend I cannot phone
that friend, who so long ago, had to say goodbye

I wish I could see Him face to face,
and talk to Him like a human friend
I wonder what it's like up in that heavenly place,
to spend time up there with Him, a time without end.

When I am alone with no one to talk to
and no one wants to listen or has no time
I know I can talk to Him or do what He wants me to do
Whatever I do, help the poor or comfort a friend, He approves

I wish I could talk to Him face to face
and have a one on one friendly talk
But I know it'll be years before I see that place
I wish He was in the physical form, but He's
right here next to me, so all I have to do is pray
and He'll listen just like He's face to face

Forever will my love be strong for you
Through good and bad times my love is true
I mean it from the bottom of my heart
Because without you I would fall apart
Sometimes you feel like you don’t fit in
And this world doesn’t know what you hold within
But in your presence I sense something rare
You’re a bird that can fly anywhere
You shouldn’t need to worry
For when we are together you won’t be sorry

You’re not only one who feels left out
There are more lonely people out there without a doubt
I am one of them and I often feel that I don’t fit in
And the world doesn’t know what I hold within
When I am in your presence I sense you can tell I am something rare
I am like a fish and I can swim anywhere.

Lost Without You
I am clinging to my past
Desperately holding onto things that do not last
Oh, please I beg you to remember me
For always, friends shall we be?
There is so much pain
Such a strong ongoing pain
I can’t let it go
Can’t you understand me?
Why won’t you listen to what I have to say?
It is so frustrating to see you
and want to be your friend
when you won’t pay attention to me.
You see me walking towards you
And look the other way when we pass
Do you understand me?
Why won’t you respect me?
It doesn’t seem you’re even trying to be my friend
Can’t you see I care about you?
You sense something about the way I feel
And it’s probably scaring you away
You have a girlfriend, I understand
But I don’t want to be yours, just a friend
It’s all I need, all I want
Please at least try to understand, I am in denial
I make myself believe life is so fun and happy
But it’s all depressing. I can’t live or survive without you.

Shall we be?
You and me together?
Friends always and forever
Memories we made, always to remember
Of times we had together

Until the end of time I will be your friend
Forever, until our lives will end
When in need, a hand I will lend
Forever and always, I will be your friend

Feelings of friendship have blossomed into a crush
When I see you I begin to blush
When you notice me my blood begins to rush
How did this ever become a crush?

Time has passed and we’ve moved on.
I see you, our friendship remembered, lost for good and forever gone.
I will love you, though, until the morning dawn.
We all need someone to lean on.

When will you open your eyes and see
What everything about you means to me?
I know I was in the way of your dreams, of what you wanted to be
Only if I tell you, will you begin to see what your existence truly means to me

Be mine?
I know this might scare you away
But I need to tell you this today
before it's too late
I want to ask you on a date
but I don't want just one
I want to be your girl and I hope we can have fun
So I will just say what I began to say
I hope you don't mind and that it's okay
I hope you and I can last forever until the end
Will you be my boyfriend?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Poem: Tell Me

Tell me, why when I look into your eyes
all I see is fear and sorrow
all I see is pain and hurting
Tell me if I can change them
into confidence and love
happiness and contentment
Tell me if I can get rid of
that pain and sorrow
Tell me, am I the one who did this?
or was it someone else?
Tell me, can I change you back
to the way you were once?
Do you remember
how loving and caring you were?
always happy, always loving
and changing tears into laughter
When I was down,
you brought my spirits up
Tell me, must I do that for you now?
Is there someone causing you this pain?
Tell me, please, if I can help
Because I love you
When I looked in your eyes
before this day, I knew
God had spent a little more time on you
But today, when I look in your eyes
all I see is fear and suffering
You may think me stupid
but it is true,
there is something wrong.
Tell me how I can help
you have never acted like this before
you were so happy and carefree
Now you are sad afraid
Tell me you problems, let me in.
I'll listen...I'll help you.
Tell me because I love you.

Originally written in Spring 2000