Thursday, October 5, 2017

Poem: Strength and Unity: MRKH Warrior Strong

Grief has its own unique way of isolating us into a cruel, dark world we don't always know how to come back from. It is in these moments we struggle the most, yet draw the most inspiration. A good friend of mine, Meredith Brookes, recently passed away after a brief illness on Sept. 22. The last conversation we had was on Sept. 20th, 2 days before she passed. We had finally narrowed down a date about 10 days later to finally get together - the first time since she moved closer to me this summer. That conversation made the news of her unexpected passing that much harder to process. And then, I heard on Oct. 2nd, the day after we had planned to do something that she was gone...making me feel guilty I hadn't reached out to her sooner and more often.

Yet, I know she was watching over me somehow, leading me to write this poem about our friendship, and her commitment to the MRKH community.

Strength and Unity: MRKH Warrior Strong

All through the years, I'd yearned for a connection like ours.
I hoped that one day I wouldn't be alone in this battle.
I waited, patiently, for you, my friend.
And yet, here we are...

You've come and gone.
We had a bond, so strong.
Stronger through the mutual struggles, forged into
MRKH Warrior Strong.

My heart, and your heart spoke so eloquently
Our souls knew the same language.
You will always be my soul sister.
My MRKH Warrior Sister.

I didn't have to explain myself to you.
You somehow knew, without a doubt,
just what to say to make me laugh.
You knew, yet without knowing, that your sarcasm
and morbid humor would make everything better in it's own way.
You knew, in the way that only a fellow MRKH Warrior could know.

And like the phoenix, our sisters and I will rise together
from this grief, we'll build a stronger foundation.
We will rise together to discover our newfound life without you.
We will forge ahead into the unknown,
amidst the ashes left behind.
We will rise in the face of adversity
in honor of your image, and with your strength.

We will rise together as one, in unity...