Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Poem: Goodbye

Pulling this one from the archives. I wrote this poem when I was 13 and it is all the more relevant still today especially after losing Keith, my best friend, so suddenly on Saturday to a stroke. I miss you Keith, always will. I know you weren't all that sure about your faith in God, or at least in the Catholic church, but this is relevant anyway.

I see you hurting, I see you cry
I remember all the times we had together
And I hope you will cherish the memories forever
It was my time, I had to say goodbye.

I left so many behind when I had to die
I want you to know I love you all
You can talk to me still, easier than a phone call
It was my time, I had to say goodbye

I'm sorry for every single lie
I apologize to those I hurt
And to those I treated like dirt
It was my time, I had to say goodbye

You will always remember me and with grief sadly sigh
But please don't be burdened with times of sorrow
I wish you the happiest times, today and tomorrow
It was my time, I had to say goodbye

Now I am free, God taught me how to fly
A friendship shared, a joke, a laugh, a kiss
Yes, these things with all of my heart, I will miss
It was my time, I had to say goodbye

It was hard, when I left this world, to say goodbye
for everyone who loved me or talked to
But I want you to know that I love you
It was my time, I had to say goodbye

Now I am living beyond the sky
But please don't grieve for me
I'm with God now, he set me free
It was my time, I had to say goodbye

You're sadness is understandable, don't be shy
Please don't grieve for me for now I'm free
I am following the path God laid for me
It was my time, I had to say goodbye
(c) June 2000

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Random Things About Me

TEN Random things about me
1. I love to write
2. I am a girl
3. I think I know when I don't
4. I can wiggle my ears
5. I love music
6. I wanted my belly button pierced
7. I love movies
8. I don't remember much of kindergarden.
9. I don't know where life will lead me
10. I love you

NINE places I’ve visited
1. Montana
2. Ellis Island
3. Liberty Island
4. Philly
5. Greece
6. Italy
7. Indianapolis
8. South Dakota
9. Georgia

EIGHT things I want to do before I die
1. travel Europe
2. travel South America
3. marry
4. publish a book
5. go to Disney Land/World for the 1st time
6. adopt a child
7. Make a difference in someone’s life
8. accomplish all my goals

SEVEN ways to win my heart
1. realize that I'm more insecure than I appear to be
2. be determined to win my heart and work to keep it
3. take a genuine interest in me
4. get to know me better
5. accept the fact that I will never act my age.
6. play catch with me or have a snowball fight with me
7. make sure I like u first

SIX things I believe in
1. true love
2. looking on the bright side of things
3. everything happens for a reason, just don't question it too much
4. destiny and fate.
5. happiness
6. Faith

FIVE things I’m afraid of
1. centipedes
2. breaking a bone
3. needles/anything sharp
4. suffocating
5. not being successful

FOUR of my favorite items in my apartment
1. My CD and movie collection
2. my blankets
3. posters
4. photo albums

THREE things I do everyday
1. smile
2. brush my teeth
3. Breathe

TWO things I am trying not to do right now
1. worry about money
2. Procrastinate

ONE person I want to see right now
1. You

Friday, March 1, 2013

March Revival

I never understood love until I met you
and I was never in love until I met you
I never dreamed of being in love like I am with you
and when we were together I never dreamed I'd ever love anyone else

I learned a lot about love from you
and a lot about hearts
I've learned a lot about dreams
And a lot about time changing things

and somehow, since you've been gone,
this time around,
I can breathe again
I can dream again of other things
And understand, without too much pain,
that time will change
and just because we want it to be
doesn't necessarily mean we'll be together forever.
I’ve learned that
time has changed us, and always will
it's inevitable
And we can’t control time or love
though time will never change my love for you
©5 March 2005

8 March 2007
lives change
dreams drift away
guilt consumes me
stress overcomes my mind
concentration is nonexistent
so many distractions
as the words attempt to appear
out of the cloudy thoughts in my mind

pen to paper
mind to matter
and the concentration continues to waive
I look up and once again
our eyes meet and soon…
nothing else matters.

Impression (15 March 2007)
Closer to God
and comfortable with myself…
A stress free life
leads me to believe I need
to change something

Something’s telling me
to take a load off
clear things off my plate
re-evaluate the important things in my life

And I have discovered that you are
                and so is HE
school and family mean so much
so much more than work

What does that say about me?
What does that tell you about the kind of person that I am?

15 March 2007
So many pages, so little time
so little inspiration
the thoughts linger in my mind
the feelings exist
the words slowly appear before me.
With great difficulty
I attempt to express
the love that I feel
the happiness within
and the confusion, the frustration
that constantly lingers
somewhere in the cobwebs
                of my clouded mind