Sunday, January 6, 2013

Vermont - 6 months

Thursday will be 6 months to the day since I picked up my life and moved to Vermont.  So much has happened for me in those 6 months, both personally and professionally. Sometimes I wonder when I'm going to get back to my comfort zone. Then a reality check happens and I realize again that I'm creating a new comfort zone. It's in my nature to take chances like this, to try new things, to recreate myself to try to be happy. Everybody has their ups and downs. As exciting as it may be to be living in Vermont, on my own, and working with a great organization, I miss my friends. I miss having people who have my back. Even when I had friends to spend time with on a regular basis, I felt like I kept putting myself out there with no reciprocation. Now that I live in an entirely new state, I have to start all over again with making friends and putting myself out there. Yes, I know it's difficult, but it's so damn depressing after awhile having to always initiate w/o any reciprocation. I'm tired of not going out on my weekends and having fun. I want friends to show me they care because I care.