Monday, July 26, 2010

Poem: Can't Help But Wonder

Dreams consume my sleep
wake up still thinking of you
wishing everything could be better
easier, relaxing, relieving
love takes over my mind
controls my heart
deception is prominent
can't think straight around you
i can't make my own decisions
would like to do so many things
feel like i'm being held back
don't want to regret us
don't want to regret giving up on my dreams
second guessing isn't fun though
can't help but wonder
what's on the other end of the rainbow?
can't help but wonder
if there's life out there
if we stay together, will i forget
not pursuing my dreams?
will i regret not traveling?
but if we do go our separate ways
we will wonder what could've been
whatever happens,
i will love you forever
there will always be a special place
for you in my heart

written August 28th

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