Monday, January 17, 2011

Poem: Tell Me

Tell me, why when I look into your eyes
all I see is fear and sorrow
all I see is pain and hurting
Tell me if I can change them
into confidence and love
happiness and contentment
Tell me if I can get rid of
that pain and sorrow
Tell me, am I the one who did this?
or was it someone else?
Tell me, can I change you back
to the way you were once?
Do you remember
how loving and caring you were?
always happy, always loving
and changing tears into laughter
When I was down,
you brought my spirits up
Tell me, must I do that for you now?
Is there someone causing you this pain?
Tell me, please, if I can help
Because I love you
When I looked in your eyes
before this day, I knew
God had spent a little more time on you
But today, when I look in your eyes
all I see is fear and suffering
You may think me stupid
but it is true,
there is something wrong.
Tell me how I can help
you have never acted like this before
you were so happy and carefree
Now you are sad afraid
Tell me you problems, let me in.
I'll listen...I'll help you.
Tell me because I love you.

Originally written in Spring 2000

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