Wednesday, February 1, 2017

What I've Learned So Far About My 2017 Goals

January 2017 has come and gone so quickly that in reflection, I notice that I kept up only a little bit with posting and even less with reading. Since reading books is a large contributor to content for this blog, I better get right on it now shouldn't I?

In reflection, I did spend quite a bit of time networking with other bloggers, researching how to market my blog, on social media management, creating a Facebook page, researching domain hosts and content management systems, and ways to track my ideas and scheduling content.

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I also realized that in creating a goal of reading 55 books this year, I hadn't really thought it through enough to realize that would mean reading 4.5 books a month, or a book a week. Which means every time I log-in to Goodreads, the 2017 Reading Challenge app glares at me with how many books I'm behind schedule. At the moment, it's a measly 3 so it's manageable. But still so overwhelming considering I just barely surpassed my goal of 30 last year.

What have I learned so far? Nothing is set in stone. It's okay to not have accomplished something in the set time frame. I realize now that 2017 is already full of lessons and has more to teach me in the world of blogging. I haven't even set a schedule yet and I already know that something I might want to post one day may not work because of external factors, planned or unanticipated.

That said, I think my best bet is to schedule something with pencil and paper so it's easily changeable. Or in an editable document if I ever get comfortable to be that technologically advanced with my scheduling.

One thing is for sure, be on the lookout in the near future for a post about The Nightingale by Krisin Hannah from my book club's January discussion, and one about Invisible Target: Breaking the Cycle of Educator Abuse by Andrea Clemens for our discussion later this month.

Do you have any suggestions on what I should read next? Check out my 2017 Books to Read post to pick and let me know your suggestion in the comments below.
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