Wednesday, January 27, 2010


It's been awhile. I haven't had much inspiration. I've had quite a lack of inspiration and motivation the last month or so, which isn't good at all when it comes to finding a full-time job with benefits, which I need because of my health. The burning sensation in my stomach when I eat or apply pressure to the area has gotten somewhat under control after starting medication on a daily basis. But still, after a multitude of tests I still have no idea why I can't eat without pain or why I'm having recurrent UTI symptoms.

Then earlier today I read a tribute that my cousin wrote about our grandmother. It brought tears to my eyes and reminded me how fragile life is and that pain is supposed to bring us back to reality. Grandma's pain reminded us all that she wasn't as young as we all fooled ourselves into believing. She certainly acted younger than her 87 years...she definitely took advantage of the free time she had to travel the world and visit her children and grandchildren all over the country and went with some of them around the world.

She had so much patience and love to give out and was so understanding. I think of her every time I walk out of my room because her little Willow Tree Angel of the Heart statute is sitting right on the corner of my bookshelf by the door. She's definitely an angel of the heart--and will always live on through the hearts of the ones she's touched. We love you Grandma and always will.

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