Monday, February 27, 2012

Pope Says Couples Who Conceive Through In-Vitro Fertilization Are Guilty Of Arrogance

As if I didn't already have enough reasons to not like the Catholic church and teachings. To someone who will most likely eventually use IVF in order to have a biological child, the Pope's comments about IVF are taken personally. I already have a metaphorical bone to pick with the Church about a variety of issues & this time it's personal.

Thank you to the article's author who writes supporting those who chose IVF and also parents in general. He writes, "This attack on reproductive technologies is yet another display of the Vatican's lack of empathy and understanding and a vain attempt to hold back scientific development as well as impede access to reproductive technologies for couples around the world."

He continues later on, "When the pope calls unmarried women and nontraditional couples 'unworthy' or 'arrogant' for wanting to share the gift of life with a new generation, the spiritual leader of the Catholic faith does a disservice to the entire church."

All I have to say is that I'm glad I'm not the only Catholic who has an issue with the church. Don't get me wrong, this is not an issue of my faith in God - it's an issue with the Catholic church itself. One would think that the Catholic church's ultimate goal is to eventually alienate all of their followers by attempting to preserve ideologies from the Dark Ages.

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