Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Celebrating National Poetry Month with Mud Season Review

Writing poetry has been my private outlet of mine for many years. It's been overshadowed on this blog by my book reviews and infertility posts, and that is something that will change eventually. Even though poetry has been so important to me over the years in coping with my infertility diagnosis, and really life in general, I have failed to bring attention to the fact that April is National Poetry Month. It is also known as NaPoWriMo online, and is sponsored by

Perhaps I have forgotten to share my love of poetry with you because my lust for this written form has been satisfied through being a Poetry Reader for the last eight months for the Mud Season Review. It is a literary journal that grew out of the Burlington Writers Workshop in Burlington, Vermont. Just last week we celebrated the publication of our 28th monthly online issue, and Volume 3 print issue. The Mud Season Review publishes fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and artwork, and accepts submissions through Submittable.

In the Volume 3 print issue, there are 29 poems published by 21 poets, with Chen Chen being our featured poet. His poem "First Love" gave me goosebumps, while "Friendship" made me smile and nod. His three other featured poems are of the same caliber in eliciting their own unique reactions. Erin Post, Poetry Co-Editor, interviewed Chen Chen for the feature

In an interview with poetry co-editor, Erin Post, Chen Chen explains how "Writing is Part of How I Resist,", who his favorite poets are, what it's like publishing his first book of poetry, and how he approaches his revision process, among other things. 

Be sure to check out Chen Chen's poems, and Mud Season Review's other featured writers on the website. Love what you see? Consider ordering a copy of Volume 3 and signing up for our newsletter, or even submitting your work!

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