Sunday, April 10, 2011

Social Media Addiction/Phyiscal Fitness

I lost track, but seriously, it's come to this: first thing I do in the morning when I get up is turn on my computer and check my facebook and twitter accounts. And I play Farmville. Everyday, without fail. And I've been playing since December. It's about time that I stop - I deactivated Farmville for over a year for this very reason - I'm spending waaaaay too much time on this game!
So from here on out - the time that I spend on Farmville everyday will be spent looking for a full-time job and going to the gym to get some toning in. My health has been affected by sitting around watching movies and playing computer games when I'm not at work. I've just been so physically and mentally drained with little to no motivation and having been an athlete for most of my life I know that being physically active does wonders for body - both mentally and physically. I may not know or understand how it all works but I do know that I often feel 100% better after a good workout.

With that, I'd to thank Kelly's Fitness for motivating me on the weekends!! 8am workouts on Saturday mornings can be a pain (literally) but it definitely puts the rest of my weekend into perspective and makes me feel so great!! It's also a great way for me to connect with my mom on a different level because we go together. We don't get to do a lot of things together, especially when it comes to sports and being physically active. Thank you Kelly, for giving us something to do together! :-)

So here it is - no more Farmville. My social media usage will be limited (no more stalking! I will call the person next time, instead of lurking on Facebook waiting for them to log in). My search for a full-time job will increase! I think a goal of at least 2 applications a day will suffice for now. All of you (4?) readers out there need to hold me to this!

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