Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Poem: Habitat for Humanity: Spring Break Collegiate Challenge 2007

One week shared
on a mission under God’s eye
We are his hands in helping others
coming together to change a life
and we change each other’s too
Friendships made—for a lifetime?
Only time will tell,
or maybe just a brief passing
who came to us for a reason
to prove we have a strong connection
we didn’t know existed at first.
We were almost strangers
who chose to spend a week
doing something for a good cause
and we’ve come out with such a
great satisfaction and brand new friendships
                -maybe for a lifetime?
We walk away with so much positive energy
I smile wide, I nod
and I am so genuinely happy
All so happy with being accepted 
Maybe this time…
maybe this time I can take this beautiful chance
this opportunity to run
and begin a new life
Thank you for the inspiration…

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