Sunday, December 4, 2011

Poetry Posts


listen to the music
listen to the heartbeat of the pouring rain
listen to the birds chirping on a summer's day
listen to the children laughing in the background
look for the musician, for he has a song
look for the rainbow, for it has a pot of gold
look for the shining sun, for it has a story to tell
look for the girl with the misty eyes
ask her if she wants to stay and share her story,
for if you listen,
she'll be loved.
©14 November 2004

Time Will Never Change…

somehow, since you've been gone,
this time around,
I can breathe again
I can dream again of other things
And understand, without too much pain,
that time will change
and just because we want it to be
doesn't necessarily mean we'll be together forever.
I’ve learned that
time has changed us, and always will
it's inevitable
And we can’t control time or love
though time will never change my love for you
©5 March 2005

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