Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Poem: Time Marches On

taken back so many years, so long ago
memory fails us as humans
how must I remember?
how must I still feel that?
confusion rages my heart, mind, and soul
as it all turns to words on a page
pen to paper
mind to matter
and memory fades
as the clock ticks on to the future

time marches on
time marches on

and we see how life changes overall
and people continue to wait for it
                for the second coming
some say that some revelation is at hand
but as we wait, the winds blow on
the river still runs and the rain still falls
sunshine will return again tomorrow
as the moon holds her own tonight
                amongst the bright sparkling stars
shining through the everlasting clouds

time marches on
time marches on

and things seem to fall apart
shall things further fall
or shall a second coming satisfy those who’ve long awaited?
must humanity suffer for many more millennia
must we fight and kill
over who is right and who is wrong?
we all get judged in the end
so what does it matter who judges now?
why are we so different?
you’re right, I’m right
just different, not wrong
or maybe we are more similar than we realize?
some understand
                some accept
                                some overcome
yet some will fight and kill

time marches on
time marches on

some force beliefs on others
some turn the other cheek
so different, yet so similar that we conflict over those minute differences
                big deal? Yes.

illusions are apparent; arise again and again
experiences define who we are
we interpret it all so differently
sometimes pain. always hurt..
the memory still exists of all who’re lost
                can the heartache ever be eased?
in time it will be forgotten
and only then will the sun and moon remain

Time marches on
Time marches on

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