Sunday, February 24, 2013

Faith Flashback

In going through some documents saved on an old flash drive, I found the following prayer. I wrote it for my high school Baccalaureatte. This was back when I was more active in church. Now, I show my faith through Habitat for Humanity. One day, I will give a copy of this poem to new homeowners at a house dedication.

Dear Lord,
            Thank You for watching over us our entire lives, especially when no one else could. Please bless us as we go forth into the world filled with many opportunities. Give us the power, love and self-control we need to help us fully use the gifts you have given us. Please bless our families and friends for keeping their faith in us, especially our parents for being our biggest fans and for renewing our faith in ourselves and in You, time and time again. And now that we are moving on once more, help us to keep our faith in You.

The following words are some great words to live by and definitely explain in a nutshell why I do what with Habitat for Humanity:

"If you cannot, for whatever reason, be of help to others, at least don't harm them. Consider yourself a tourist. Think of the world as it is seen from space, so small and insignificant yet so beautiful. Could there really be anything to be gained from harming others during our stay here? Is it not preferable, and more reasonable, to relax and enjoy ourselves quietly, just as if we were visiting a different neighborhood? Therefore, ff in the midst of your enjoyment of the world you have a moment, try to help in however small a way those who are downtrodden and those who, for whatever reason, cannot or do not help themselves. Try not to turn away from those whose appearance is disturbing, from the ragged and unwell. Try never to think of them as inferior to yourself. If you can, try not even to think of yourself as better than the humblest beggar. You will look the same in your grave." Dalai Lama

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