Monday, February 25, 2013

Poems: Remember When

And in death, we’ll remain forever
the dreams continue on
and I'm left standing here alone to find my own way
my head is killing me
and all i want to do is sleep forever
in your arms
with my body encircled with roses
and one single red rose
woven by the stem
through my fingers
folded over your soft, protecting hands
holding me together
for eternity...
in the midst of my confusion
©8 July 2005

Love you, Dearest
I can't get over the way I feel
I can't seem to let go of the pain
I can't seem to get you out of my mind
Surely, you will never leave my heart.
You've touched me forever,
leaving a mark on my hurting soul.
Past writings, I wrote dreaming of love.
But this is true,
this is real
this is what love really is.

I see you happy.
I hear you happier.
We touch, happiest.

Your touch is tender, sweet.
Your caress is gentle, sweeter.
Your kiss is soft, sweetest.

Sitting, closely.
Laying, closer.
Embracing, closest.

I like you, dear.
But I love you, dearest.

Remember When?
I remember when
I couldn’t wait to fall in love.
I remember when
There was this aching pain in my heart.
I remember when
It seemed like forever before I would fall in love.
I remember when
It seemed even longer before someone would fall in love with me.
But I didn’t know
Love is worth the wait.
I didn’t know
There is still an aching pain of wanting to be with you.
I didn’t know
That love was just around the corner.
And I didn’t know
That you were even closer.
I didn’t know
That love like this feels so special.
I didn’t know
It would be someone like you.
I didn’t know
There was so much that I didn’t know.
Now I know when you’re in love,
It’s more than knowledge, it’s a feeling.
I know when you’re in love,
You feel like you can fly.
I know when you’re in love,
You feel like you’re walking on air.
I know when you’re in love,
You feel like you can touch the sky.
I know I am in love,
Because my heart flutters when I hear your name.
I know I am in love
Because my heart races
when I hear your voice.
I know I am in love
Because I can’t wait to see you again,
I fall asleep thinking of you
I wake up thinking of you.
I know what I feel…
I want you to know what I feel,
I want you to know that I love you.
©July 2005

Changed, Forever
taken back several years
 where dreams existed
   without fear…
       people dream
until it’s taken away
   forced to take another path
   to follow another dream
     waiting for time to pass
so the pain can disappear
                    and new dreams will develop
    versions out of the old
                 like shadows looming over and
               covering the bright blue sky
          that create a darkness in the world
       that speaks for itself;
    a darkness felt by many
through their own emotional let downs
and physical restrictions
          people fight
          some will live
          and some will die
          and others, many, will never be the same
we’ll all be changed forever.
©4 August 2005

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